i2c Pharma scientists have development experience across a range of inhalation dosage forms. Our facilities provide clients with development services for a range of inhalation products from pMDIs , DPIs, small volume liquid inhalers and nebulisers. We can provide clients with support for the pre formulation and formulation development with characterisation that would provide fundamental information for successful pre-clinical and clinical development. Furthermore, in conjunction with Simbec Orion, i2c Pharma broad service offering can provide support programs for the pre clinical and clinical development.

i2c Pharma Development program are able to support with the following:

• Method development and validation assay and stability indicating.

• Dissolution & Disintegration Studies solid oral dosage forms.

• Accelerated degradation forced & early ICH stability.

• Comparator studies

• Formulation characterisation

Our team of scientists have experience in providing support for designing, organising and implementing development services to support client expectations.

What We Do