Small Scale Manufacture & Testing

Uniquely, i2c’s small scale manufacturing capabilities are built upon years of experience of producing ‘micro’ GMP batches for administration to volunteers & patients participating in clinical gamma scintigraphy studies. Manufacturing methods have been developed for a wide range of respiratory products and some oral dosage forms. These skills have been effectively translated to facilitate production of laboratory & pilot scale batches for product development purposes.

i2c has dedicated facilities to support:pMDI production using Pamasol filling equipment:Product Filler, Purger, Vacuum Crimper, Propellant Pressure Filler, Diaphragm Pump, 5L and 50L Pressure Mixing VesselsPowder blending for small scale DPI manufacture using a Turbula blender (up to 2 kg)Release testing conducted using a range of inertial impactors e.g. NGI, Andersen, MSLI, MOUDIDelivered dose determinations using Dose Uniformity Sampling Apparatus (DUSA ) - standard and bespokeBreathing simulator for dose uniformity testing of nebulisers and spacers / valved holding chambers, including face profilesSingle Punch Tablet MachineDisintegration & dissolution testing of oral dosage forms

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